Easy to CONFIRM using LIVE chat

API Integration

Our advanced REST API is easy to use and can be integrated very quickly
Our Tech support team will guide you during the integration process

Hire Dedicated Agents

You can outsource the whole process to our agents team. Our agents will talk with your clients as your company employees

Online Video Chat Room

We work together to develop a simple marketing plans that meet business objectives

Development Services

If you need assistance in integrating liveconfirm to your system, we have the experts to do the work for you

Just A Few of Our Powerful Features


KYC For Financial Institutions

The financial regulation requires a very strict KYC
With LiveConfirm you can easily confirm your client identity and record them on a video as part of the on-boarding process

  • Ask the client questions about his activities
  • Take live screenshot of the client ID while the client Holds his ID
  • Take Screenshots of the client documents
  • Easily outsource the first step of the on-boarding process

HR Interviews

Recruiting process requires a lot of resources on the first candidate filtering
With LiveConfirm you can easily interview the candidate and record them on video as part of the recruitment process

  • Ask the candidate questions about himself
  • Make an online exam for the candidate
  • Take Screenshots of the candidate documents
  • Easily outsource the first step of the recruitment process

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